4th February 2018

A Flood Damaged Persian Rug Carefully Hand Washed

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

We have just hand cleaned a beautiful Persian Qashqai rug that was damaged by a house flood in one of our clients homes in Edinburgh. The combined weight of rug and water was and incredible 8 stone when wet.

We hand clean and repair many oriental carpets and rugs which have been damaged by floods both in our Edinburgh workshops and in our central London workshops. It is important, if you have suffered a flood, to act quickly and get in touch with us. We always collect and deliver free of charge and the quicker we get the carpet uplifted, the higher the chance we will be able to return it to its original condition. Leaving flood water to dry within a rug will often induce water stains, foul smells and brittleness in the foundations of the rug. Time is of the essence!

For our Edinburgh client, firstly we carefully extracted the water from the foundations of the rug and hand washed it in our Edinburgh rug repair and cleaning workshops. This was repeated several times to thoroughly penetrate the foundation and remove all the dirty water. We use soft brushes and organic shampoos to revitalise the natural qualities of the wools.

After carefully drying the carpet by hand, we returned it to our client within 4 weeks and looking as good as new. It now takes pride of place in our client’s home in Barnton, Edinburgh.

Our client acted quickly in calling us as soon as the flood was discovered and consequently avoided having colour run in the rug, which would have required extra work to put right.

Needless to say, our client was delighted with the result and has decided to have the other rugs in the house dust extracted and cleaned to match her beautiful Qashqai rug.


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