19th February 2018

A Persian Kashan rug cleaned and repaired

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

Last month we received a call from a client in Edinburgh needing specialist repairs on an oriental handmade Persian rug.

Her father bought the rug in the late 1930’s and she was unsure if the rug was from Afghanistan or Persia (now called Iran of course). It clearly meant a huge amount to her in sentimental value so it was important we took great care of the piece and returned it an immaculately presented condition.

On our arrival the rug was identified as a fine Persian Kashan, with need of specialist care to repair some light moth damage and also restoration to the fringes which had suffered over the years and were unravelling and fraying badly.

To our clients knowledge, the Kashan rug had never been professionally cleaned and was in need of a dust extract and a deep hand clean, as the colours were dull and the pile flat and lifeless.

The moth damage was restored using organically dyed wools, sourced from the country of origin and the fringes were repaired using traditional securing stiches and knots, in keeping with rug when it was first woven.
This was done on a hand loom using exactly the same techniques as used when originally weaving this beautiful example.

Prior to this work, the rug was dust extracted and professionally hand washed using organic shampoos and soft brushes, which ensure the natural oils in the wool stay intact and the colours do not run.

After the drying process the rug was handed to our weavers for its final restoration.
The hand looms were built and the piece was clean and dry ready for weaving of new wools into the threadbare areas of the pile.

Once the piece had been specialist hand cleaned and expertly repaired by our craftsmen, we cleaned it one final time to allow the wools to blend in colour – fabulous!

The results were – repairs invisible to the eye, the fringes were secure and not coming to bits with new fringes short and neat to avoid vacuum damage, with the beautiful colours defined and looking vibrant.

Once dry, the Persian rug was delivered to our client in Edinburgh’s New Town (Regents Terrace). Needless to say our client was absolutely delighted commenting “I have never seen the rug looking so good” and wishing her father who bought the rug, could see it returned to its former glory “looking stunning”.

Another beautifully restored and repaired Persian rug by The Oriental Rug Repair Co Ltd in Edinburgh.


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