27th March 2018

Antique Persian Rug Repair in London

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

​Last week we collected a really beautiful old Kirman (c.1900) Persian carpet from one of our clients in central London (pictured above). The rug is over 4m long and over 3m wide (approx 12ft x 9ft)

Once it was back in our London workshops the team at The Oriental Rug Repair Co London spent then afternoon analysing the damage and assessing the piece with a view to full restoration.

Obviously this piece will need significant restoration. Firstly we will hand clean and moth treat, followed by securing and rebuilding the foundations of all the holes.

We need to rebuild the foundations because the cotton warp and weft fringes which act as a base upon which the wools are knotted onto, must be rebuilt to allow our team to re-weave the knots back onto the rug.

Once this is done, we will dye wools first to match exactly the colours of the rug, construct new hand looms and begin re-weaving the exact colours and designs.

Please keep an eye out here in approx. 3 months for the before and after photographs.

This project will look truly exquisite!!


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