2nd March 2018

Oriental Rug Cleaning

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

We recently collected six Oriental and Persian carpets and rugs from an address in Central London. All rugs were in need of a very good hand wash, most of which had not been cleaned in well over 30 years!

Our collections team picked the rugs up from our clients address and brought them back to our workshops for a full appraisa. They didn’t require much in the way of repair, so we did the essentials and gave them a thorough moth treatment and prepared them for their first wash.

Some rugs respond better than others after just one wash, others tend to need washed a few more times before they are in a condition which we deem as being acceptable – beautifully clean, wools shining with a silky lustre again!

We have included an image of one of the Oriental rugs we particularly enjoyed looking after. This is an Afghan Tekke Oriental rug. It’s approx one hundred years old and is hand made, naturally dyed using root vegetable oils and has hand spun wools. The foundation (which we can see as the fringes) is made of cotton. Such a rug looks fantastic in front of a fireplace, in an old study or even as a centre piece in a fanatically contemporary space.

Thanks to Mr and Mrs C for entrusting us with your wonderful collection of rugs, we were thrilled with your reaction to the final outcome!

If you require Persian or Oriental rugs cleaned or repaired, do not hesitate to get in touch – we are always happy to give our advice.


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