5th March 2018

Oriental rugs Hand Washed and Repaired

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

Mr & Mrs F asked us to visit their home in North London to appraise a large selection of Oriental carpets, rugs and runners. Although the collection were in decent condition, fringed ends and sides of many of the pieces required some TLC and the collection hadn’t been hand washed by a professional company in many, many years.

We walked around the house, discussing each rug individually and informing Mr & Mrs F of the age, type and general provenance of each individual piece. We discussed restoration and cleaning, with some pieces being more valuable than others, we opted to take a cross section of the most urgent pieces first and collecting the rest once the first batch had been delivered back.

The collection was magnificent, from Persian Heriz carpets, to small Turkoman rugs and runners. We were especially intrigued by a beautiful Bidjari carpet which was in their drawing room/library. Many of the rugs had fraying ends and sides and some had suffered from moth damage and excessive wear.

Once back in the workshops we moth treated each rug, tested for colour fastness before washing, hand washed and repaired each piece carefully to maintain the original look and feel of each rug. The Persian pieces were especially old, many of them were antique rugs and required specialist hand washing and carefull attention.

Once the collection had been washed and restored, we returned the collection to Mr & Mrs F in North London, together with non-slip professional underlay.

Our clients were delighted with the outcome and later asked us to source a very old Persian Antique rug for the entrance hall – which we did.

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