7th February 2018

A Persian Nain Silk Rug in Fulham

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

A Nain City Weave rug is a very recognisable Persian rug. Luxurious to touch, usually wool on a cotton foundation, with silk highlights. They are normally cream with blue or red patterns, naturally dyed and hand woven in the specific region of Iran.

We were invited to assess a client’s Nian in West London that had been chewed by their new puppy. The rug was about 15 years old, was about 8ft x 7ft and had the cotton fringes and part of the woven area damaged.

The client was delighted when we promised that it would be no problem to reweave the rug and it would be impossible to see the repair, when it was completed.

The rug had been a wedding present and looked great lying in their lounge, in fact when we rolled it up, prior to us returning it to our London workshops, the room looked entirely bare and the client pressed us to have it returned as quickly as possible.

We left the client with a receipt, detailing the repairs to be done and the cost for the restoration.

We started work on the rug the following day, beginning with a dust extraction and a hand wash, to ensure our colour match for the new wools and silk would be perfect.

We rebuilt the foundation (warp and weft) and dyed and matched the wools and silk to the now clean rug. We started the reweaving duplicating the existing pattern and highlighting with the silk in the same places as the original.

After careful refringing and trimming the newly woven field down to the height of the surrounding wool, we brushed the new knots to lie correctly and allowed the rug to settle overnight.

The rug was returned within three weeks. No matter how hard our clients looked they could not find where the repair had been done. Our Iranian weavers are real craftsmen, with a passion for rugs and their restoration. It really shows in the finished work.

The rug was replaced into the room it was taken from and immediately the area looked homely and warm. Our client was absolutely delighted with the restoration and were amazed at the quality of the workmanship, including our fast service. The puppy has been banned from the lounge – although he is VERY cute!


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