10th April 2018

Persian Rug Repair

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

Fine Oriental carpets and rugs can take several years to weave on a hand loom. From the warp and weft foundations made from hand spun cotton, wool or silk, to the hand knotted and naturally dyed woollen or silk pile – every piece is unique and every piece has its own story. Persian rug repair and Oriental rug repair is a highly specialist skill.

Rugs, like so many things in life, tend to get better with age. Most traditional Oriental rugs are extremely hard wearing and take generations to show any sign of wear or tear. However, when they do begin to look and feel tired, it’s worth repairing and restoring them properly and professionally. The Oriental Rug Repair Co. is a specialist in cleaning and repair of all Oriental carpets, rugs and runner.

We like to say that an Oriental rug is often never beyond repair – from frayed fringes to worn out sides, burn marks to massive threadbare areas and holes – everything can be restored if done correctly, using the traditional methods. However, also like many things in life, there are good repairs and bad repairs – opt for a bad repair and it can spell disaster for the rugs look, feel and authenticity.

For example, re-weaving sections of an antique or vintage rug can be a slow and painstakingly detailed process. Normally the process begins with a traditional hand wash and moth treatment. We use soft brushed and vegetable shampoos to clean deep into the foundations of the rug where the abrasive silts and much lie – far out of reach of the conventional domestic vacuum. Once clean we source and accurately match the wools for colour. Any holes need foundations re-built, resulting in a small hand loom being built around the hole, creating the warp and weft foundations upon which the new wools can be knotted. Once complete, the new wools are selected and the re-weave, matching the knot and importantly exactly matching the design (or ‘map’) of the piece. The new wools are knotted carefully, then shaved down to exactly match the existing piece. Once complete, the rug is hand washed again and left to naturally dry – blending the tones of the wools together. This is a slow and highly skilled process – attempting to do this yourself, or trusting an inexperienced ‘repairer’ is often very obvious and can de-value your rug. So it’s important you trust a specialist to do the work properly. Many insurance companies and loss adjuster trust the Oriental Rug Repair Company to restore their clients damaged rugs.

Here at the Oriental Rug Repair Company we are family owned business that specialises in traditional hand cleaning, repair and restoration of all Oriental carpets rugs and runners – specialising in very fine rugs and antique restoration. We repair everything from fringes, removal of red wine and other stains, bring back to life the most threadbare massive carpets from around the country keep memories alive everyday that live within these beautiful handmade pieces of Islamic art which embody themselves as a little piece of family history.

Whether its to repair, restore, clean or just get good advice, The Oriental Rug Repair Co is unrivaled in its quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail and ability to resurrect badly damaged carpets, rugs and runner. Not only do we collect your rugs free of charge, but we deliver them back and lay them out in your home, ready to be enjoyed again for many years to come. When it come to cleaning and repair of Oriental carpets rugs and runners, there really is no substitute for a highly skilled craftsman doing it right first time.


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