5th January 2018

Persian Rug Wool

As mentioned in the last blog, wool and its quality can have a huge bearing on the quality of a rug and its value.

Dead wool’ as detailed before, is by far the cheapest wool available and consequently reflects the quality of the rug.

Wool shorn from sheep that are only used for this purpose, is of far higher quality and wool from the under neck and stomach of the sheep, whilst not as plentiful is finer, softer and easier to dye, taking on vivid colour and can be used for fine designs and with rugs of 300 knots per sq inch upwards.

Other factors determining the quality of wools are; breed of sheep, climate, altitude and pasturage. In higher altitudes, above four thousand feet, wool becomes thicker and heavier. It can even make a difference whether the sheep is shorn in spring or Autumn.


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