27th May 2018

Rug Repair and Rug Cleaning

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

The Christmas period has been pretty busy with us repairing rugs from all over the world – we collect free of charge in both London and Edinburgh as well as the rest of Scotland and the South East generally.

The majority of the rugs originate from Persia, Afghanistan Pakistan and India but we have collected rugs from our clients that hail from Tibet, Nepal, Morocco and China.

Oriental rug repairs consist of first hand cleaning and dust extraction with our complementary moth treatment, but a large proportion of repairs involve the mending of fringes damaged by pets or vacuum cleaners.

We have also had a high incidence of tears and holes, usually caused by furniture and general wear and tear. These often require repair such as re-weaving, fringe repair and sides mending.

My advice to people with damaged rugs would be to attend to the damaged areas before they get worse. Wool on cotton rugs do come to bits quicker than silk, which are more densely woven, but both can become fragile quickly when in constant use. Leaving them for longer will just exacerbate the problem. You need not always completely restore, you can simply ask us to secure the damaged area to prevent further deterioration.

Hand made oriental and persian rugs are works of art for the floor and its encouraging to see people enthusiastic aboutthe heirlooms they have and taking the time to look after them.


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