14th March 2018

Silk Rug Cleaning – Scotland

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

We have just picked up two beautiful Oriental rugs from a long-standing client in the Highlands of Scotland. The Persian silk Qum and Turkish Oushak rug were from a large and valuable collection of rugs encompassing such countries as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Persia and China. The collection of antique and semi-antique rugs are in our clients home in Highland Perthshire, Scotland.

Each rug from the countries mentioned, must be hand cleaned and repaired, in accordance with how the wools were originally dyed and woven. All subtly different, depending on their country of origin and hence a unique method having to be used for each. It is not a case of, one solution fits all. We must match each wool and each design exactly the same.

The Persian Qum rug is very fine, silk on a silk foundation, with over 800 knots per square inch and needs careful cleaning. It has been in one of the large drawing rooms downstairs and although it has no visible stains, it has collected dust over the years and needs special dust extraction.

The Turkish Oushak rug however is not as fine, made of wool on a cotton foundation, with around 120 knots per square inch. It has been used on the floor with average footfall, and is in need of a wash and the heavy dust extracted that vacuuming cannot get to. This heavy abrasive dust breaks down the fine fibres of wool making up each strand and causes the rug to “thin” each time it is vacuumed. There are some repairs needed to the fringes at each end, which is common with rugs of this age used in a reception area.

We are confident that both rugs will look as good as when they were first woven and take up their respectful places within this beautiful and varied collection. The whole process will take around 3 to 4 weeks and the rugs will be returned before the snow gets too deep.

Many thanks to Lord and Lady M for your custom


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