4th April 2018

Silk Rugs professionally Cleaned in London and Edinburgh

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

At the end of last year, Mr & Mrs M called us regarding a pair of simply stunning Nain city weave silk Persian carpets.

Approximately a year earlier we professionally hand cleaned both carpets after their poor puppy wasn’t very well on them! Some had some sympathy for the dog than others! Dog made a full recovery and thankfully so did the carpets!

The process of traditionally hand washing silk is a very careful one indeed. Firstly we must completely dust extract the carpet or rug, removing all the silk and dust that sits in the foundation of the carpet.

Absolutely never put water or any liquid on a handmade silk carpet. The silks, although very, very strong, are incredibly delicate to colour and absorption. Home remedies almost never work, just pour salt on any spillage and give us a call to discuss what to do next.

We tease then silks very gently using vegetable oils and soft brushes. We use low foam dry organic solution which gently removes the stains over time. The process must be done very carefully and usually over a number of days per small area.

Back to Mr & Mrs M above, unfortunately the same dog was a little unwell again. Yes you guessed it, the rugs were the recipient – although just one this time. We collected the carpet the next day and got to work. We spot removed the stains on the silks and hand washed the entire carpet to ensure uniform cleaning.

Completely gone! Another beautiful handmade silk carpet saved!

Thanks again Mr & Mrs M!!!


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