20th March 2018

Traditional Hand Cleaning and Repair of Oriental Rugs

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

We often get asked how we operate and where we source the materials for cleaning and repairing Oriental carpets, rugs and runners in London and Edinburgh.

We often get asked how we operate and where we source the materials for cleaning and repairing Oriental rugs.

Oriental, can be a bit of a generic term for any rug that is hand woven and indeed there are handmade rugs we work on from all corners of the world such as Moroccan, Tibetan, Nepalese etc.

Predominantly the rugs more often classed as Oriental are, Chinese, Indian, Pakistan, Iran(Persia),Caucasian, Afghan, Turkmenistan, and anywhere else that ends in ‘stan’.

We also work on the famous Donegal rugs woven in Ireland and others knotted in mainland Europe, although not nearly as common as we hand wash and repair Persian and Antique rugs.

Because of the fragile organic dyes used, we only use organic shampoos and enzymes, combined with cold water, to ensure that the rugs worked on, do not colour run, or the natural oils in the wools are not stripped out during the process.

If we have to repair holes caused by pets, moths, spillage, fire damage or anything else, we only use wools that have been dyed the same way as the wools used in the rug when it was first woven. This ensures that any restoration is invisible and does not reduce the value of any pieces we work on.

Foundations, or the warp and weft of the rug are usually cotton, but can be silk, camel or horse hair.

In the case of silk rugs, great care is taken to match silk to the original, ensuring that the rugs quality and looks are not impaired.

We have Persian and afghan weavers work for us in both our London and Edinburgh workshops. These weavers have a passion for their work and are experts in restoration and washing.

Each rug we work on is treated as an individual and methods of repairs and washing are decided on, based round the fact that you cannot clean or repair rugs in one way. They all need careful assessment regarding types of dyes, wool, cotton and knots within each piece and the work carried out as a result, guarantees the best results for each rug.

The time and detail applied to each rug surprises some of our clients, but the great results are there to seen when we deliver them back.


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