9th April 2018

Wine stain removal from a Fine Persian

The Oriental Rug Repair Company

We recently collected this beautiful silk & wool Tabriz Persian rug from one of our clients in central London.

Initially the rug came to us for a standard hand wash, however upon arrival back and assessment at our workshops, there appeared to have been wine spilled on the rug some time ago.

With our standard hand wash we are confident that almost every dirty mark and stain is removed, however red wine, if untreated at the time, usually requires further work.

We have tested a small section of the stain and it is responding very well to the traditional methods we use to counteract stains like this.

The rug will now be hand washed several times to best lift the stain, then we will work on the specific area more once dry. This will take approx. 2 weeks in total but is completely dependent on how the rest of the wine stain responds.

If you have a wine spilliage, pour standard table salt on the entire spillage to neutralise the wine and call as us soon as humanly possible. The earlier the better, but as this case dictates, we can even remove old wine stains too.

Keep a look out here for before and after images in a few weeks!!


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