Burns, Mildew & Rot


The wool and silk in handmade rugs is naturally non-flammable – but a hot ember or naked flame can still cause extensive damage.  If the wool is singed or the cotton foundations burned, it is important to mend the affected area as soon as possible. Fear not though, almost everything and anything can be restored to its original condition!

We have extensive experience in repairing burn and fire-damaged rugs. From small ember burn holes to large sections needing structural repair, we will exactly match the wool and silk to repair each section damaged.

Please do not assume the worst for fire and burn damaged rugs – in most cases we can restore them. It is worth noting that many of our clients come to us for a second opinion on an insurance write off, when in-fact the rug or carpet concerned can be repaired and returned to its former glory.

Mildew & Rot

Mildew is a fungus, the growth of which can penetrate natural fibres and break them down, producing rot. Both cotton and wool are susceptible to mildew and rot, but cotton (often the foundation of a rug) is especially vulnerable.

When cotton becomes affected by serious mildew and rot, it loses strength and becomes brittle. Signs to look out for are any creaking or cracking sounds when a rug is bent or rolled. If a rug has widespread rot, we usually suggest moving it to a sunlit area free of footfall, where it can be allowed to rest without disturbance.

The ultraviolet rays of sunlight help to destroy mildew. Where rot damage has occurred, we gently clean and then thoroughly dry the affected area. If rot has compromised the foundations of the rug we will reweave and re-knot the damaged sections.

If a rug is being put into storage, we always recommend having the piece cleaned and dried. It is vital that rugs in storage be kept dry. If there is any humidity they will need to be regularly aired in sunlight to prevent any harmful fungal growth.

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